The First SolideWebsiteLab (still Under Construction in February 2017) Is Happy to introduce You to The “SOLIDETOYZ” Custom Toys Collection.

Since fall 2015, The Street Artist “PEACK a.k.a SOLIDE” from Sangn9uf Crew, (Former Graffiti Artist since 1995(*1)), tried to Work on this new 3D Material and Detailed Support: BLANK VINYL TOYS (like Kidrobot, Oodles, FunkoPop!, and More)

Each of them has their own personality, identity, hobbies and fears, each Solidetoys is unique, and collectible (Customz by Peack ). Origins Describe on SolideToyz Storie-SeriZ and SolideToyz TripZ pages. 

Follow New SolideToyz, Designs, Stickers, Sketches, Work in progress and SolideStuff’s Handcraft on our Social Media Pages and Websites (PEACK 109).

Comments, likes, Inquieries, Collaborations, shares are much appreciated, feel free !

Enjoy and STAY TUNED!

Thank y’all !!!

(*1) [(but sketcher/illustrator at first), and Now also experienced in Letter Design, Canvas, Calligraphy, Monograms, Multimedia Art Innovation, Light Painting, Graffitis and background scene for Cinema, events etc…]