**So-SolideToyz SolideToyz a.k.a DoubleFACED (2015) (Storie SeriZ)**



This guy could be a good guy or your worst nightmare! Depending of…we’re not sure… but “DoubleFaced”?, yah right!

Born and raised in the ghetto (becoming nowadays a hipster’s paradise btw) this Solidetoyz struggles to be stable and equilibrated. Surprisingly, So-Solidetoyz is one of the kindest toyz on earth but like his body, his splitted-mind could be dangerous for people around him if he decided to.

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Unfortunately, even if your are a closed friend of him, he’s not someone that you can trust… That why he is solitary, and could not have any girlfriend in his life, sadly.

So-Solidetoz’s friends, like Tigroo or Otomn, say he’s “Mentally un-functional” and “Confused”. Whatever people say, DoubleFaced remains the same, fighting himself everyday, again and again.

SO_SOLIDETOYZ Z5So-SolideToyz Aka DoubleFaced SolideToyz

Probably the best playstation player of the Solide’Team, and the worst cook ever!

Don’t be cruel, take time to meeting him and discover what kind of secrets he’s hidding. He’s a lovely partner… sometimes…

Come to Facebook Page SolideToyz and @peack109 , follow all your favorites Solidetoyz!

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