(Saison O – 2015 )

This little guy was the really first SOLIDETOYZ, he’s the Doyen of the Army !


This GoldyBlacCat originally come from the classy Streets of Brooklyn, gold lover and diamonds fine connoisseur.


This SOLIDETOYZ is the most WiseToy of the Season, he loves Mother Nature, Tea, Gold, Coffee, Diamonds, Weed, Apple Juice… (wait a minute, it’s more the kind that drinks Old Rhum !)


He is a leader, no doubt, even right-eyeless (he hates to talk about it…), his courage could guide a crowd of thousands warriors in a dark danger ! he’s a rebel with a huge Heart, always defending odds/vilains.



  • Photos Credits : @peack109
  • Artist : Solidetoyz
  • Montreal 2015

Say Your fellings about that guy, he was the first !

And Follow Us to discover the other SolideToyz Storie Seriz !



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